Where have the obituaries gone?

For years I have checked the Jehovah's Witnesses news on Google search, there was always many obituaries for our brothers. 

Then in 2020 I noticed a slight increase in the numbers, at the same time I noticed that the Watchtower started to add news updates from the jw.org website covering all sorts of subjects which they never done before. As these news articles increased, I noticed the obituaries decreased to the point where there isn't any.

It's these things that concern me, we are told that we shouldn't be sharing links from jw.org on Facebook or social media, but now it's fine to post information from jw.org on Google, it's these underhanded moves which so happens to coincide with the rise in brothers deaths that makes it difficult to have the trust I should have for those given a position to care for Christ's sheep.

Posted in Default Category on July 18 2023 at 06:04 PM

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