Todays study material was superior to many others.  The account of Gideon is one that everyone would do well to seriously reflect upon.
I do find though, that individuals often choose to see only that which they choose to see.
While the lesson was focused on the elders and their need to be humble, mild, and patient.  A few of the elders stressed the need for everyone to be obedient and follow direction as did Gideon.
However, they failed to realize that Gideon made sure of all things BEFORE he took any action.  He relied heavily on Jehovah, no one else.  This means, not the priests and most certainly not the prominent men (i.e. - in our case, the GB).  He asked Jehovah for a sign, a simple thing regarding a fleece and the morning dew.  Doing this test TWICE, just to be sure Jehovah was with him.
When one considers the condition of Israel at the time, not going with the flow was quite dangerous, so Gideon was judicious.  He followed Jehovah's direction to tear down his father's alter to Ba'al and to make the sacrifice at night.  As we find from the account, this was for very good reason.  Upon finding out those Ba'al worshippers wanted to put him to death.
In these most treacherous, vile, and evil times it is absolutely imperative that we make sure of ALL things, just as did Gideon.  We cannot simply 'go with the flow' and follow whatever direction is given us by either the elders, or even the Governing Body unless we know for certain that direction is indeed coming from Jehovah.
I can promise you this.  ANY direction which has at its roots ANY agenda of the U.N. I will stand at a distance from, and I will wait for Jehovah to set matters straight.  This will, for a certainty, anger some.  However, I do not care if the entirety of the congregation is angered so long as I know that Jehovah is pleased.
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