What Does It Mean If An Organization Holds a 501(c)3 Tax Status ???

NON-PROFITS - 508(c)1a - an alternative to Government Controlled 501(c)3
After listening to a person versed in the tax code on this issue.  I decided to do a bit of research, and it does appear that there is a VERY strong argument can be made showing that whenever ANY organization, religious or otherwise, accepts the 501c3 status, that organization:
- Waives its freedom of speech.
- Waives its freedom of religion.
- Waives its right to influence legislators and the legislation they craft.
- Waives its constitutionally guaranteed rights.
- Is no longer free to speak to the vital issues of the day.
Becomes controlled by a spirit of fear that if it doesn’t toe the line with the IRS it will lose [have revoked] its tax-exempt status.
Essentially, that organization becomes a vassal of the State.
In my research, I uncovered the following well-written piece on this subject at the the below link:
This would explain that while the world around us continues to decay into ever deepening moral depravity, instead of hearing stronger warnings as we have in years past, it seems the 'subject' matter of what the organization is now addressing is more directed on the either mundane issues or those which are not considered so 'controversial' to 'modern' society.
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